Materials matter!

Minimizing our environmental footprint and creating design that lasts for generations is our everyday ambition. Therefore, we are very selective when it comes to materials and creative and flexible when it comes to designs.

Certified quality

Not only do our textiles and leathers come from ISO-certified and C02-neutral suppliers. We also strive to mainly use eco-friendly components: e.g. FSC-certified tree, recycled fabrics, Waterlily-foam and chrome-free leather.

Furthermore, our fabrics are certified with the highest EU standards so that they contain no harmful chemicals. They also meet the requirements for high intensity use and are thouroughly tested for pilling, color and lightfastness as well as tear and abrasion resistance.

Tailormade durability

We strive to make furniture and solutions that can last a lifetime at the least. This means:

- that we tailor each product to your unique requests so you and your guests and users get a product that they will enjoy and cherish for years and years
- that flexible constructions is the starting point of our design process. So, if something breaks, you only need to replace a single part instead of the entire furniture piece
- that wherever possible we design our furniture with reversible cushions so they better stand the test of time

Cork - a true eco-darling

...And one of the most sustainable materials in the world! Because the cork oak is the only tree that regenerates its bark. In fact, cork has a negative carbon footprint because it absorbs more carbon than it emits! So cork gives nature more than it takes – even when taking into account long transport distances. This makes the material a unique ‘environmental darling’ - and a key ingredient in many of our solutions... Not only because it comes in a wide variety of textures, colors and finishes - or because of its strength, softness and flexibility. On top of this, it is multi-functional and can practically be used all-over in a room: From flooring and wallpapers to interior design articles and furniture.

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