Golf Club Viborg

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Hospital Viborg

Upholstered with sustainability

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials in the world – and a key ingredient in many of our solutions. Not only because this ecofriendly material comes in a wide variety of textures, colors and finishes. It is also strong, soft and flexible to work with.

Furthermore, it is multi-functional as it practically can be used all-over in a room: From flooring and wallpapers to interior design articles and furniture. Like these MI-2s which we donated to our local maternity ward.

”During the last couple of years we’ve work closely with minding. In collaboration with them we have created the solutions needed for our new maternity ward in regards to furniture and decoration that were both functional, met the high standards of hygiene and of fire protection which furniture used in the hospital sector needs to live up to. At the same time, it should also align with our focus of the environment and sustainability. We have been very pleased with our cooperation which has delivered on all our wishes and expectations”

- Sandra Theibel Dahl, Midwife - Regionshospitalet Viborg

Golf Hotel Viborg

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Skive Library

Cork in many variations

A wide range of cork products and solutions now decorate Skive Library where they add flexibility and beauty to several surfaces.

”The products are very beautiful. They bring warmth and texture in the room. At the same time, they minimize the noise in a big house like ours. It has been an exciting and fruitful cooperation, where we’ve been carefully guided. Now we are looking very much forward to welcome our users and let them enjoy the new surroundings”

- Christinna Færch Svensson - Cultural Officer - Skive Library