Our main areas regarding sustainability

Our collection and diversity are huge: from sofas, beds, chairs and interior


’minding’ – to act with thoughtfulness and respect – defines both our process and our vision. Therefore, we work to prove that quality craftsmanship and design can go hand in hand with respect of both people and planet. We are specialists in two fields: Danish furniture design and cork – one of the world’s most eco-friendly materials. When it comes to our products, the diversity is huge… The core, however, stays the same - a piece made with care for its surroundings and a clear commitment to continuously take new steps to strengthen our sustainable practices.

Part of something bigger…

There is a power in working together to improve for the better of the company and the planet. Minding was established based on the collaboration of Top-line, Danish furniture manufacture with 30+ years of experience, and PortoCork, an agent that only works with the best (JPS Cork Group) and who has both experience and expertise in cork – a true eco-darling. Learn more about our founders here >

Materials matter

Minimizing our environmental footprint and creating design that lasts for generations is our everyday ambition. Therefore, we are very selective when it comes to materials and flexible when it comes to design. We strive to use as local and eco-conscious components as possible and have high standards when it comes to the durability of the materials and the conditions they are made under. Read more here >

Get to know us ..

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Experts in an eco-darling

At minding, we are not only passionate about one of the most eco-friendly materials in the world – we are experts in the field, as our in-house expert has been working with cork for the last decade. The material that gives countless possibilities is in our opinion a part of a more sustainable future in interior design and furniture manufacturing. Why do we love cork? Read more here >

Made in Denmark

We only work with suppliers that share our values of producing long-lasting furniture pieces with a minimal impact on the environment. We believe in local sourcing and production and are proud to say that our entire chair collection at minding is MADE IN DENMARK thanks to the collaboration with Hudevad Furniture – a family-owned furniture manufacturer from Årslev.

Small stock for the environmental benefit

Large collections often equal large waste and overstocking of outdated models. At minding, we believe in a minimalistic approach in terms of design and environmental impact. Therefore, we only produce small quantities of chairs at a time (maximum 50) to prevent unnecessary waste and ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Custom-made care

What we do have in stock all the time, are countless ways to customize your product! Because no one knows your project better than you do. Therefore, each piece in our collection can be tailored for your needs – not only in terms of material and color choice, but also when it comes to types of legs, armrests, and different functions. As a very positive side effect, customization also impacts waste reduction as pieces semi-designed by you are more likely to stay around for years and years to come. minding gives you the unique chance to be a part of the process and we happily assist in fulfilling your visons.